Its All About the Energy!

Raw4Change is here to share with you the amazing vitality that eating more raw can bring.  Most importantly – RAW4CHANGE is here to encourage change in the world – working on the principles of microcosm and macrocosm – if we change ourselves on the inside we can change the world outside!!

What can Raw4change do for You?

Why eat more Raw?

  • We are living in a time when the old paradigms and political systems are no longer serving the people of this world (if indeed they ever did fully).  We all need to stand in our power, be Em-powered and make choices that serve us as people and for the greater whole.

  • One of the best ways to be truly Empowered is to be full of vitality and health.  When our body cells are dancing with light, we are IN OUR FLOW – we are connected to Source and Being in our True Power.  

  • The Standard Western Diet is full of fats, sugars and salts – not to mention GMO and a cacophone of E numbers and preservatives.  This diet is designed to Dumb us Down, so that the political systems can continue the status quo and we remain as people largely apathetic, tired, and ultimately dis-eased.  Is it any wonder that heart disease, cancers and diabetes are on the up?  This does not Empower us.

  • The soil of the Earth is mostly very depleted now of vital minerals from over-use and poor fertilisation.  So this means that the nutritional values of many foods are greatly reduced.  By having a daily intake of superfoods – more on these later – we are putting back strength and vitality into our day.  If you only have a superfood smoothie once a day and have cooked food for the rest of the day – its going to begin to change your body from the inside out.  Better still, eat just half the food on your plate raw.  50% makes a world of difference.  If you can’t do all raw (and many people do not – then eat as much raw as you can and eat the rest of your veggies cooked – be aware of what you put into your body and what works for you as the unique beautiful being you are – this is what I call the Soul Food Diet.

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