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Pachamama – the Hot One! Raw Chilli Chocolate

pachamama the Hot One

Pachamama – The Hot One!  

So proud of these hot little raw chilli chocs.  They are a taste explosion – not for the feint hearted – packed full of the best raw magic ingredients from Peru.  A wonderful sensual melt in the mouth experience of powerful raw chocolate, salty, sweet and hot chilli.  Also packing a punch with peruvian maca and carob plus a soupcon of purple corn extract.

These raw chocolates are such a delight to have at this time of year when we really need a bit of ooomph and strength in our lives to tackle the year ahead.

What Do You Eat For Breakfast??

Looking forward to coming to the Serenity Centre on 31st January and sharing more on Raw Food.

This time I shall be talking about what to have for breakfast and why?  Demonstrations on making nutmilks, hemp milks, smoothies, green juices and chia porridge.  A chance to take part, ask questions, taste and socialise.  More information here.