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Making Shifts – Loving Ourselves

Making Shifts in our Lives 

Learning to love ourselves and to truly come in to the heart of own beauty and ground that into our Whole-being is something of a life-times journey for many.  Loving yourself sounds like such an easy thing to do doesn’t it?  But how often do we find ourselves actually giving up what we want/need for ourselves for others?  This may be a particularly female past time hidden deep within our female conditioning – but in these days of being extremely busy, its so hard sometimes to take the time out and to start GIVING LOVE TO

So much of life comes down to choice, and we are lucky in our western society to be able to afford to make lifestyle and food choices.  But do we really take full advantage of them?  When we have partners and families to look after, its so easy to put others first, sometimes for an easy life with no conflict!  But the conflict manifests sometimes within ourselves, a battle for balance and equilibrium in our busy lives.  Recently, I had a rare weekend of not having to work and for a moment was at a loss as to how I could spend my time – what to do for ME?  Feeling weighted down with recent emotional baggage,  I decided to do a juice cleanse for 3 days – followed by a colonic irrigation session – which quite honestly was long overdue.  A Raw food lifestyle includes regular cleansing in the way of juicing, maybe occasional fasting days, enemas and colonics.  (more on that another time)!  

As Beings of energy and light, we are constantly changing, picking up negativity in our aura from others and situations in our environment.  What we put into our body and how cleansed we are on the inside of ourselves reflects on the outside of us too.  So juice cleansing, fasting and colonics/enemas are a way of clearing out the debris of our lives on all levels of our Being.  Energy moves from the aura inwards towards the body and from the body outwards to the aura.  We are a network of Light – therefore if we are shiny and Light on the inside – we will be shiny and Light on the outside.  smoothie

When we are cleansed and refreshed we emanate vibrations of Light and Love.  We also feel the benefits of having given LOVE to ourselves, to have allowed that time and space for our own healing and cleansing.  Many emotions can come up whilst juice cleansing – during this time its important for us to nurture ourselves and do what we need to for ourselves.  Its also a good idea (in my own experience) to explain to people you live with that you may feel a little emotional or inward and will not be available.  This is creating healthy boundaries which will encourage others around you to have strong boundaries too.  Truly loving ourselves as a spiritual practice may take time to develop but it is this that can help make long lasting Shifts in our lives, our reality and how we view the world around us.  Not loving ourselves can create resentment which then reflects in our outer world – so we become introspective.  Raw food is by its nature a very Expansive Spiritual Practice – so by not loving ourselves we create inner and outer conflict in our own world.  So – my conclusion is to try and do something for yourself that is LOVING to YOU and only YOU every day in some way.  This may be by preparing your favourite raw meal or smoothie or juice or taking time out for inner cleansing, having a healing therapy or taking yourself off for some solitude and meditation.   My advice is DO it!  Make your inner light just a little more Shiny and you will attract more love and Light into your life!

Please leave your comments/experiences below – thankyou.