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The Magic and Alchemical Healing of the Green Beings

The Plant Power Day – Intensive Healing

Was a great success last weekend! The Sun shone mostly and just one little shower that only served to just add a little freshness to the amazing diversity of lovely plants and trees at Janie Garnetts garden in Catcott.
We opened the day by calling in the seven directions around the altar at the centre of the Mongolian Ger.  The Ger is such a warm cosy womb-like space to be and perfect for the journey work we did with our plant spirit allies.  It’s always quite difficult to explain what this kind of workshop day is really like; since essentially it is a personal experience.  The aim is purely for each participant to find the plant spirit ally that is calling to them on that day to work with them and to allow a symbiotic resonance to create a channel of communication between human and plant so that we may become more aligned through the healing insights we receive. 

janie's fairy garden

The whole day is an exercise in being open-hearted.  Working through the heart to feel the energies of the plants and to communicate with them via heart entrainment.  I have always loved nature and first came to plant spirit communication via the work of Pam Montgomery who lives in Vermont, USA.  She came over to do a day’s workshop four years ago and somehow I knew I had to attend.  I drove for four hours to get to the venue and had the most profound experience particularly through experiencing the ‘greenbreath transformational breathing technique’.  This is a journey technique that Pam co-created and it really is very powerful.  During this journey, we breath in the essence of our plant and it is an opportunity to really let go of what no longer serves, what blocks us, to release and to become ONE with nature.  It has been proven that when human beings live bereft of contact with nature that we become ill and misaligned.  We NEED to be grounded – to breath in the green essence of Mother nature – just standing on the earth (not concrete!) bare foot for ten minutes a day will allow us to become more grounded, more aligned, less stressed and truly rooted into who we really are.  We are a natural part of nature – not separate from it – and we owe our life’s breath to the plants – if they were not here to provide oxygen for us to breath we could not live.  
Of course, we get so much more from the plants, by communicating with them – we can feel a symbiotic resonation which offers clear insight, energy and wisdom.  We also get so much nourishment and medicine from the plants when we ingest them – there is so much healing energy to experience and be grateful for.  Although I facilitated the day – I did get the chance to connect to my own plant spirit ally for the day  – copper beach.  Copper beach offered me strength, the message to stand up and be counted, to truly let go of everything that is not my own truth – to strengthen my own personal boundaries but also to push the boundaries and restrictions that I may have created for myself!  There is nothing new about connecting to nature in this way – we have all experienced it – that close affiliation with a favourite plant or tree when we catch ourselves daydreaming amongst nature in the garden or just out walking.  However, during this intensive healing day we used techniques to connect ever deeper with our plant spirit ally, including experiencing a shamanic drum journey and also of course the Greenbreath transformational healing journey too.
We shared and enjoyed a lovely raw food lunch too – raw pizza, hemp burritos and a blackberry chia pudding!

raw pizza

I can only say that I am incredibly grateful to have facilitated the day, to have shared in the wisdom of the plants and to have held sacred space for some beautiful people who came along to participate.  I am planning to do another Plant Power Journey Day as we approach the darkness of Samhain on Sunday 26th October.  Please watch the events page here  for details.  

blackberry chia pudding