new hairSo, here’s a bit about Gwyneth and Raw4change.

Raw food as such is technically food that has not been heated over 42 degrees C therefore keeping its enzymes intact.  The enzymes in food are the life force energy within it.  Cooking food above 42 C destroys these enzymes and also kills many vital minerals and vitamins; not all nutrients are completely obliterated during cooking but the enzymatic quality which gives us vital chi is destroyed.  It is also known that our body does not recognise ‘cooked food’. Think about it – what other animals on this planet actually eat cooked food?  Our body does its best to get nutrients out of what we feed it – but when we eat raw, our body no longer has to work hard at getting the nutrition it needs, we have far less toxins in the body – so our body system is ‘alive’ with energy, and doesn’t have to use up valuable energy by de-toxing and clearing up the junk we store in it.!   Eating raw is about taking the most vital life force Energy into our bodies to totally nourish ourselves.el golfo image

My journey, began with raw food in 2008 when I began to realise that my body did not want to digest bread, cakes and biscuits anymore.  I suffered horrendous stomach pain and IBS.  I had medical investigations that showed nothing wrong.  Now I know that my body just wanted to be ‘lighter’!  My body did not want stodge and sugar – and I can say that I did not have a poor diet generally – it was just about cutting those processed foods out.  I found a blog site about raw food and became really interested.  Over the following months I stuck to eating two raw meals a day and having a cooked evening meal.  My journey with raw food has continued over those years and I have found it to be challenging at times.  Its a cleansing emotional process for most of us.  As your body says goodbye to certain foods, emotions surface – truths have to be faced and challenges worked through.  Its actually the most spiritual journey I have ever experienced because you are changing from the inside out.  Your body cells are changing and becoming cleaner and more light filled. This means that situations and people that no longer resonate with you as you step more into your Power and your Truth , need to be released.  If all this sounds scary – it really isn’t – its an amazing journey back to the centre of YOU – your birthrite, your true authentic self.  A raw food diet is not the same for everyone and I believe its really about looking at what others do but finding what works for YOU.

Listen to your body – what does it cry out for?  See food as medicine – not in the traditional sense of allopathic medicine – but in the Taoist way of strengthening the body, preventing dis-ease and imbalance.  Nature gives us so much in the raw – its amazing.  From vegetables, fruits, sea vegetables,seeds and nuts,  essential fatty acids – flax, hemp, chia, coconuts, fermented foods such as kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, seed cheeses to the medicinal superfoods such as maca, cacao, suma, wheatgrass, ashwaganda, shatavari, shilajit and so many more – a diet for super beings! – because we deserve it and we owe it to ourselves – to eat just a little bit more RAW!  

I’ve been making cakes and raw chocolates for a while now and encouraged by friends to market them.   I resisted until I completed a Raw Chef accreditation course run by Kate Magic.  This course is amazing – Kate gives so much information from her 20 years of being raw.  Kate and her family run europe’s largest online raw store – see here for details.  

As a holistic therapist and teacher of Crystal Healing – I feel strongly about the well-being of humans and the planet – eating more raw really helps us!  I also feel passionately about the way that our choices for health are being surreptitiously stolen away from us from under our noses by the Codex laws dicated by EU legislations.  Its time for humankind to make a stand, to no longer engage with what does not suit and serve us and to demand a wholesome, healthful existence that supports abundance and community.