Autumn chills

  • raw pizzaAutumn is one of my favourite times of the year.  Energetically, there is a feeling of satisfaction for what has been achieved in the past year of growth and we can enjoy the fruition of our efforts.  It’s such a colourful time too with so many beautiful fruits, veggies to eat especially the pumpkins, squashes and sweet potatoes.  Three yeArs ago my two teenage daughters had experienced their first raw summer, they both felt a buzz from the high energy raw food can offer, but during the autumn they wanted to go back to eating more and more cooked foods.

Its a natural feeling to want  to eat more cooked foods.  The energy of autumn in Taosit medicine is damp.We feel  the need for warm foods that can give us comfort and warmth.  We may also feel the need to eat more in general, to stock up and fortify our immune system to fight off those cold viruses that are floating about at this time of year.  Raw food is by nature very yin   .  That is, more cool and damp forming.   So what can we do to warm ourselves up.?

  • Add more spices to our foods.  Adding ginger, chilli,garlic, onion, cumin and other warm spices helps to warm the body.
  • get some exercise every day.  Improving our  blood circulation through exercise improves the internal balance of the body and the ability to keep warm.
  • eat maca.  Add to your smoothies, dressings and mayonnaise.  Maca comes from the Andes mountains in Peru.  Native people find it helps to build strength, inner fire and stability.
  • medicinal mushroom drinks bring  strength and yang to the body.  My favourites are  by four sigma foods at raw living.  They come in four sachet varieties.  Lions mane, reishi, cordyceps and Chaga.  My favourites for autumn are Chaga which improves our immunity and cordyceps which  gives a sense of vitality.
  • look at the colours of your food.  Eating foods that are warm in colour –  orange carrots, squashes, and red peppers and beet roots can help us too.  We eat with our eyes and the colour vibration of foods can help to give us a sense of warmth too.
  • heat your food!  If you heat your food in a dehydrator or place food over some hot water until as warm as your body heat, not over 40 degrees, then it is still raw and all the enzymes are still intact.  Taking salads out of the fridge  an hour before you want to eat them also helps.
  • drink some warm water half an hour before eating. It’s will not only help prepare your enzymes for digesting your meal but warm the body too.

Watch this space for more tips and seasonal recipes coming soon in my new e-book. The e-book is free to newsletter subscribers so take advantage and sign up today.  Maca and four sigma foods medicinal mushroom drinks are available online to buy at


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