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Eating omega’s needn’t be boring!

Eating a diet rich in Omega rich EFA’s is undoubtedly obvious if you want to stay healthy and look after your brain, neural system and your heart.

But, let’s face it – munching through flax, hemp, chia is not much fun and pretty bland when sprinkled on your soup or cereal.

So, I came up with a lovely cheery recipe that will tickle your tastebuds and keep you healthy – Cheery Cherry Chia Tart – try saying it fast!!!

This delicious tart is tasty and refreshing too.  Here’s how I made it:

You will need:

for the filling:

1.5 to 2 cups of hemp or other plant milk (hemp contains all essential omega fats)

half a cup of chia seeds

one cup of frozen black cherries

2 tablespoons agave syrup or other sweetener you like

1 teaspoon purple corn extract

half teaspoon ashwaganda and half a teaspoon mucuna (optional superfood extras)

10 drops black cherry essence (from medicine flower at – optional but nice

for the tart base:

one cup almonds

one cup raw oat groats

10 dried apricots or dates soaked

a little water

To Make:

Start by soaking the chia seeds in the milk for two to three hours, submerge them and give them a stir – the mix will become quite jelly-like and firm – if too firm add a bit more milk.  You will get a bit more moisture though when you add the cherries.

In the meantime, make the base by grinding up the almonds and oats together with the apricots or dates in a food processor until they are fine and are coming together like a dough – you might need to add a little water.  You don’t want it too sticky though.  Place the nutty dough in a silicon tart mould, (I used a heart-shaped one, as usual!) press it out to cover the base a little bit up the sides too.  You can either freeze it now to firm it up or dehydrate it for an hour depending on whether you want a more crispy base or a really soft one.  When its done you can either keep it in the mould or turn it out very carefully ready for the filling.

After a couple of hours add your cherries, purple corn, agave, 10 drops of medicine flower black cherry essence and superfood powders and stir until all nice and gleaming purple!  Pile your cheery cherry chia mix into the tart base – chill and serve.

Tip – you can add a sprinkling of cacao powder over the top if you want but its great on its own.

by Gwyneth Robbins-Cox March 2017



Love Cake Love

Love and Cake are synonymous

You know what I mean – cake is something we all enjoy either a little or a bit too much.

Cake is a bit of a treat – a celebration to be shared with the ones you love.  We all remember cake being a part of family gatherings, birthdays, parties.  So to me cake is part of the essence of Love – something that is shared with those you hold closest.  Cake is a gift of sweetness.
Celebration Five Layer Rose Cake

Celebration Five Layer Rose Cake

I began making cakes by myself when I was 9 years old.  I remember making a tray bake of sponge, cutting it up into little squares then covering them with different coloured icing and different flavours – it was magic!   I loved the whole thing of sharing cake with my little sister and parents and my friend next door.

So when did I start making raw cakes?  I can honestly say that it was not a conscious decision.  After attending one of Kate Magic’s amazing raw chef courses, I started getting ideas that just dropped out of the ether.  I scribbled them down and just went into the kitchen to experiment and create.  its four years now since my raw cake journey began and the inspirations just keep on coming – throughout the first year I felt inspired to create all the cakes you can see here on the website.  I have to say that I don’t really have a sweet tooth and much prefer savoury food but I love the reactions I get from my cakes, and actually, being raw and good for you, they’re never too sweet anyway.

How does love really equate to cake though?  I just feel that there’s not enough real love in the world.  People these days are bereft of the sense of love;  receiving a hug, a compliment, a kind gesture . . .we are bereft of the spiritual sweetness that we so need.  Giving a cake is a way of saying ‘I Love You’.  Love, may not always be in the romantic sense, but in the sense of appreciation, kindness and care.  We all need a little more sweetness in our lives these days I’m sure you’ll agree!


With love in mind, I’ve come up with a very special little Love Muffin as an exclusive Limited Edition Cake Gift for Valentines Day.  I have been absolutely inspired by the wings of cupid cos this little love muffin is as light as air and with a delicious coconut sweetness that is pure heaven.  Filled with goji and strawberry jam it’s a cake treat that’ll make you feel loved – even if you give it as a gift to the most important person in your life – you!  Valentine’s Love Muffin won’t be around for ever and is available to pre-order now for Valentines Day.  View here.

Raw cakes at are full of good for you ingredients.  They are vegan and gluten free.  This little Love Muffin comes packaged in a muffin box tied with gold ribbon and you can even add a special gift message too.

Even people who aren’t into raw, absolutely love my cakes – its a love revelation.

Zesty Lemon Cake – A Springtime Treat

lemon cake close up


According to Taoist Medicine Springtime is the time of year when liver energy rules.

The colour for liver and springtime is green – not surprising then.  As we see all the new shoots coming up from the Earth and new leaves beginning to grow on the trees – green is the colour.  The taste according to Taoist medicine that goes with Springtime is sour.  Hence Raw4change has creted for you this wonderful zesty Lemon Cake.  whole lemon cake

This cake will wake up your senses and inspire you to spring into action! There is of course some sweetness in this lovely lemon cake, but it is not overly sweet – just enough sour and zest to get your creative juices flowing.

It may even inspire you to do some spring cleaning – but I reckon you would need a whole cake to do that!

New Lemon Cake arriving soon!

Mmmmm – Lemon Cake 

With the arrival of some lighter days and with the Spring Equinox approaching in a few weeks – inspiration is calling to create a beautiful zesty zingy lemon cake.  Fresh as the March winds and with the essence of lemon yellow to remind us that the Sun is strengthening.!  

I love to create these cakes around the energies of the year – this one has been waiting to burst forth with the Springtime energies.  So – buckwheat is soaking and sprouting ready to begin. .  .  lemons to the ready and we shall see what the Divine Cake Goddess brings forth!  

Pachamama – the Hot One! Raw Chilli Chocolate

pachamama the Hot One

Pachamama – The Hot One!  

So proud of these hot little raw chilli chocs.  They are a taste explosion – not for the feint hearted – packed full of the best raw magic ingredients from Peru.  A wonderful sensual melt in the mouth experience of powerful raw chocolate, salty, sweet and hot chilli.  Also packing a punch with peruvian maca and carob plus a soupcon of purple corn extract.

These raw chocolates are such a delight to have at this time of year when we really need a bit of ooomph and strength in our lives to tackle the year ahead.

Looking forward to seeing you at The Serenity Centre, Ramsdell nr Basingstoke

We’re at the Winter Fayre 11 til 5pm at The Serenity Centre this Sunday 1st December.

A chance to come and taste the cakes, chocolates, raw mince pies and christmas sweets! – and to take some away with you too!!!   Talk about the myths and truths of raw food and also the lovely 3 course Raw Food Dinner Party event that takes place on Friday 6th December!