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Love Cake Love

Love and Cake are synonymous

You know what I mean – cake is something we all enjoy either a little or a bit too much.

Cake is a bit of a treat – a celebration to be shared with the ones you love.  We all remember cake being a part of family gatherings, birthdays, parties.  So to me cake is part of the essence of Love – something that is shared with those you hold closest.  Cake is a gift of sweetness.
Celebration Five Layer Rose Cake

Celebration Five Layer Rose Cake

I began making cakes by myself when I was 9 years old.  I remember making a tray bake of sponge, cutting it up into little squares then covering them with different coloured icing and different flavours – it was magic!   I loved the whole thing of sharing cake with my little sister and parents and my friend next door.

So when did I start making raw cakes?  I can honestly say that it was not a conscious decision.  After attending one of Kate Magic’s amazing raw chef courses, I started getting ideas that just dropped out of the ether.  I scribbled them down and just went into the kitchen to experiment and create.  its four years now since my raw cake journey began and the inspirations just keep on coming – throughout the first year I felt inspired to create all the cakes you can see here on the website.  I have to say that I don’t really have a sweet tooth and much prefer savoury food but I love the reactions I get from my cakes, and actually, being raw and good for you, they’re never too sweet anyway.

How does love really equate to cake though?  I just feel that there’s not enough real love in the world.  People these days are bereft of the sense of love;  receiving a hug, a compliment, a kind gesture . . .we are bereft of the spiritual sweetness that we so need.  Giving a cake is a way of saying ‘I Love You’.  Love, may not always be in the romantic sense, but in the sense of appreciation, kindness and care.  We all need a little more sweetness in our lives these days I’m sure you’ll agree!


With love in mind, I’ve come up with a very special little Love Muffin as an exclusive Limited Edition Cake Gift for Valentines Day.  I have been absolutely inspired by the wings of cupid cos this little love muffin is as light as air and with a delicious coconut sweetness that is pure heaven.  Filled with goji and strawberry jam it’s a cake treat that’ll make you feel loved – even if you give it as a gift to the most important person in your life – you!  Valentine’s Love Muffin won’t be around for ever and is available to pre-order now for Valentines Day.  View here.

Raw cakes at are full of good for you ingredients.  They are vegan and gluten free.  This little Love Muffin comes packaged in a muffin box tied with gold ribbon and you can even add a special gift message too.

Even people who aren’t into raw, absolutely love my cakes – its a love revelation.