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Eating omega’s needn’t be boring!

Eating a diet rich in Omega rich EFA’s is undoubtedly obvious if you want to stay healthy and look after your brain, neural system and your heart.

But, let’s face it – munching through flax, hemp, chia is not much fun and pretty bland when sprinkled on your soup or cereal.

So, I came up with a lovely cheery recipe that will tickle your tastebuds and keep you healthy – Cheery Cherry Chia Tart – try saying it fast!!!

This delicious tart is tasty and refreshing too.  Here’s how I made it:

You will need:

for the filling:

1.5 to 2 cups of hemp or other plant milk (hemp contains all essential omega fats)

half a cup of chia seeds

one cup of frozen black cherries

2 tablespoons agave syrup or other sweetener you like

1 teaspoon purple corn extract

half teaspoon ashwaganda and half a teaspoon mucuna (optional superfood extras)

10 drops black cherry essence (from medicine flower at – optional but nice

for the tart base:

one cup almonds

one cup raw oat groats

10 dried apricots or dates soaked

a little water

To Make:

Start by soaking the chia seeds in the milk for two to three hours, submerge them and give them a stir – the mix will become quite jelly-like and firm – if too firm add a bit more milk.  You will get a bit more moisture though when you add the cherries.

In the meantime, make the base by grinding up the almonds and oats together with the apricots or dates in a food processor until they are fine and are coming together like a dough – you might need to add a little water.  You don’t want it too sticky though.  Place the nutty dough in a silicon tart mould, (I used a heart-shaped one, as usual!) press it out to cover the base a little bit up the sides too.  You can either freeze it now to firm it up or dehydrate it for an hour depending on whether you want a more crispy base or a really soft one.  When its done you can either keep it in the mould or turn it out very carefully ready for the filling.

After a couple of hours add your cherries, purple corn, agave, 10 drops of medicine flower black cherry essence and superfood powders and stir until all nice and gleaming purple!  Pile your cheery cherry chia mix into the tart base – chill and serve.

Tip – you can add a sprinkling of cacao powder over the top if you want but its great on its own.

by Gwyneth Robbins-Cox March 2017