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Sacred Nourishment 4 U

There are times when something is so obvious that you simply can’t see it.

That’s how I can describe creating my new subscription package – Sacred Nourishment.

For so long I’ve kept my two sacred pathways separate until after chatting to a very inspirational friend I came up with the idea of combining crystals, meditation and raw chocolate treats and cakes.

OK.  The association may not be obvious at first.  Let me explain – it’s all about the energy.  Just before you yawn and fear that I’m about to go off on a ‘hippy’ rant – energy is something we live on and share – it’s all around us in many forms – we are energy.

On the surface, I could describe Sacred Nourishment as an indulgence of raw chocolate plus collecting and learning about pretty stones and relaxing to some meditations.  And Yes, its all of these things but so much more.  

On a deeper level, the energies of raw cacao and crystals are very healing – moving and shifting our personal energy.  As most of you know, raw cacao has been used ceremonially by South and Central American tribes for hundreds of years.  These people have long known about and appreciated the magic of raw cacao and its effects on the human energy physically and spiritually.  Raw cacao contains high levels of magnesium which is essential for good muscle performance.  It’s good for the heart muscle especially and all our ligaments and tendons too.  Magnesium relieves us from stress and helps us to relax.  On a subtle energy level – raw cacao opens our heart chakra, softening our inhibitions, letting go of those hard edges and allowing a sense of JOY and BLISS to flow in.  And yes, lots of people say that raw cacao gives them a sense of feeling ‘high’.  Why not?  It’s a natural stimulant that also by the way is hard to really abuse because raw cacao also contains natural appetite inhibitors which means that unlike a bar of Cadburys – we do not want or need to sit and scoff loads of it down to feel satisfied.  In fact raw cacao is great for satiating the appetite whilst providing the joy and minerals we need.  Did you know that the reason women crave chocolate during PMT is because of the mood- lifting qualities of chocolate but also because we lose magnesium during our bleeding and our body is telling us that we need cacao for our physical nourishment. 

In my subscription package I want you to embrace and enjoy cacao to the full.  I’m giving you each month one of my most popular flavours plus some new ones too.

So, what about the crystals?  Maybe some of you don’t know much about crystal energies.  Having been a crystal healer and teacher for many years I often find that people don’t realise just how subtle but profound crystal energies are until they begin to connect with them properly.  So, I’m throwing in a ‘crystal of the month’ which will resonate with the time of the year, the season and therefore helping you to align your energies to the Earth and the seasons.  The crystal and meditation are designed to help you get into your personal FLOW and STAY THERE.  

It’s all too easy for us to get knocked off balance from the bombardment of modern stressful living.  We are just simply not designed as humans to be living the way that many of us do – so Sacred Nourishment is about giving you back more of what you really need – nourishment for the body, the heart and the soul.

Sacred Nourishment is my Service to you – as well as chocolate, crystals and meditations – I’ll be offering you freebies and discounts on all my raw and spiritual stuff.  My heart is open to give to you – are you ready to receive my gift of LOVE?

Get more on my sub here <3

Raw Happy Rawsomeness

A few words here from Tracy Sadler, renowned, wonderful Raw Food Chef.  Tracy has been working really hard to promote her unique style of delicious raw food at various places around the country.  Read on to find out what she has been up to and for one of her fabulous recipes.!

Raw Happy is venturing far and wide of late, with catering events taking place all over the UK including, Good Vibes and Yoga Connects festivals earlier in the summer and now looking forward to sharing her love and tasty, nourishing wares at Udaya Yoga launch event in London at the start of August.. 
Raw Happy was recently down in Devon at JayneBeccaYoga retreat, which was a blissful weekend of yoga, walking and relaxing in the scenic countryside of Cheriton Bishop. Then of course not to forget the delicious plant based menu to satisfy the hungry group of lovely yogis! 
From the moment the guests arrived at this beautiful thatched cottage they were treated to some truly delicious delights, with a welcoming 3 course dinner and ‘cocktail’ to daily breakfast, lunch and dinner and a goodie bag of yummies to enjoy on their journeys home. Some of the raw dishes included, Mushroom and Mixed Seed Burgers, Lasagne, Mixed Vegetable Pizza, Salted Caramel Cupcakes and Mango and Lime Cheesecake. Along with Purple Limeade and Power Green Dragon Smoothies.
And the ‘science’ behind raw food is that non of the dishes are heated above 41 degrees, resulting in no nutrients being depleted and retaining full flavour and energy, perfect for this well being weekend. 
A common misconception of Raw Food is that it’s massively time consuming and complicated to make, this simple and versatile Pesto recipe proves otherwise and can be added to steamed veggies, noodles, as a salad compliment or even to zucchini noodles.
Creamy Red Pepper Pesto


  • 2 red peppers
  • 50g sunflower seeds- or cashews to make creamier
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 dessert spoon Tamari
  • 2 tablespoons Hemp oil
  • 1 teaspoon Sumac powder
  • 1 dessert spoon Apple Cider vinegar
  • 1 date


Add all ingredients to a high power blender and blitz until smooth, pour over your favourite dish and enjoy!!

To find out more about Tracy’s work at Raw Happy please go to: – you can also connect to Tracy via Twitter: @happy_raw   on Instagram: RAW HAPPY 14  and on Facebook: Raw Happy.


Sweet Charity and Deep Velvet

We were wondering what kind of offer we could make for yuletide and giving something to charity.

So what came up was this amazingly lovely 100g heart shaped raw chocolate which we call Deep Velvet.  It is full of dark chocolate enhanced and topped with cacao nibs and purple corn extract.  The raw cacao will give you a real lift and open the kindness and love in your heart whilst the purple corn extract helps you connect to your ancient self, stimulating your inner senses making this a deeply sensuous chocolate.

purple velvet

Raw4change is about change and giving to charity.  At the recent Frost Fayre in Glastonbury we raised a bit of cash but want to increase that to a lot more.  We want to give more money to the Disasters Emergencies Committee which is helping the Ebola crisis. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but then disease never is.  I know that some people may think that the media has hyped up all the information on ebola.  Some may feel also that it does not really pose any threat.  But I believe that yes, it is probably, like most issues manipulated by the powers that be.  I also believe that it is hugely unethical that this horrible disease has come to the forefront of our attention mainly because some ‘westerners’ have contracted the disease and it poses a threat to our borders.  Are Africans of lesser importance?  This disease has been a problem for many years and I think that the experts out there helping to try and contain this disaster need some help.  
Here’s the bottom line.  We were going to make Deep Velvet the charity chocolate but now we have decided to give 15% of what you pay on any purchase from Raw4change to DEC.  This is for a limited time – until January 15th 2015.
So get cracking!  Deep Velvet is a great stocking gift for your loved one – and help the ebola fund too – in fact choose any cake or bags/boxes of chocolates and we shall give 15%.  

Woo hoo!!! for He Shou Wu

The amazing wonders of He shou wu or Fo-tiPolygonum-He-Shou-Wu-July19-10-006

I really love the amazing energies of tonic herbs, superfoods, adaptogens and I am always completely blown away by how our body will work on a deep intuitive level to guide us towards the food medicine we need.
I recently moved house and to be honest it was a complete nightmare.  Funny how you forget how stressful, time consuming and energy draining moving home can be on just so many levels! Things went well, we were only moving 10 miles away – we did the move ourselves with the help of some very good friends.  However, its all the little things that can cause stress and tension – like having to take the kitchen door off to fit the big fridge freezer in etc, plus realising that you really should have had a good clear out ages ago when you find that the garage is now stuffed full of things that you can’t fit into the house!

To be honest, the whole entire process had my adrenals on red alert for at least two weeks – and yes, you know you get used to the extreme levels of adrenalin flowing through your body, I even indulged in coffee to give me an extra boost!  Raw chocolate kept us going too of course.  However, you know a couple of weeks later, feeling a bit low, generally fatigued was the order of the day.  Until I noticed that jar of he shou wu that I had taken regularly every day in my smoothies until six months ago and had put to one side.  Ah yes!  That’s the thing!  And so for the last two weeks I have been putting up to a teaspoon in my morning smoothie together with maca root for general strengthening  – and I now feel AMAZING!  That low, flat feeling has completely lifted and despite still having to settle in to the new home and deal with a few unexpected problems as well as teaching Crystal Healing every weekend – I have lots more joie de vivre!  Its great in powder form added to smoothies or experienced as part of a powerful herbal tea called  Eternitea by Rawliving

So how amazing is this wonderful chinese tonic herb!?  He shou wu is known to improve your kidney yin and kidney essence.  It is said to actually slow down the greying of hair,some people have found that when taken for a prolonged time, their hair actually changes colour,   improves your libido (yes!) , moistens the intestines and improve bowel function.  The main thing is here that  the kidney meridian is responsible for our essential ‘jing’ which is our adaptive energy.  Its the energy that we call upon during periods of physical, mental and emotional stress.  When we have strong ‘jing’ we find it easier to ‘adapt’ to the stresses of moving home far more easily than when, like me, you are 50!  Its great when we hear what our body is saying to us.  There are so many wonderful plant medicines out there – we just need to tune in and listen.  Fantastic!!!

Autumn chills

  • raw pizzaAutumn is one of my favourite times of the year.  Energetically, there is a feeling of satisfaction for what has been achieved in the past year of growth and we can enjoy the fruition of our efforts.  It’s such a colourful time too with so many beautiful fruits, veggies to eat especially the pumpkins, squashes and sweet potatoes.  Three yeArs ago my two teenage daughters had experienced their first raw summer, they both felt a buzz from the high energy raw food can offer, but during the autumn they wanted to go back to eating more and more cooked foods.

Its a natural feeling to want  to eat more cooked foods.  The energy of autumn in Taosit medicine is damp.We feel  the need for warm foods that can give us comfort and warmth.  We may also feel the need to eat more in general, to stock up and fortify our immune system to fight off those cold viruses that are floating about at this time of year.  Raw food is by nature very yin   .  That is, more cool and damp forming.   So what can we do to warm ourselves up.?

  • Add more spices to our foods.  Adding ginger, chilli,garlic, onion, cumin and other warm spices helps to warm the body.
  • get some exercise every day.  Improving our  blood circulation through exercise improves the internal balance of the body and the ability to keep warm.
  • eat maca.  Add to your smoothies, dressings and mayonnaise.  Maca comes from the Andes mountains in Peru.  Native people find it helps to build strength, inner fire and stability.
  • medicinal mushroom drinks bring  strength and yang to the body.  My favourites are  by four sigma foods at raw living.  They come in four sachet varieties.  Lions mane, reishi, cordyceps and Chaga.  My favourites for autumn are Chaga which improves our immunity and cordyceps which  gives a sense of vitality.
  • look at the colours of your food.  Eating foods that are warm in colour –  orange carrots, squashes, and red peppers and beet roots can help us too.  We eat with our eyes and the colour vibration of foods can help to give us a sense of warmth too.
  • heat your food!  If you heat your food in a dehydrator or place food over some hot water until as warm as your body heat, not over 40 degrees, then it is still raw and all the enzymes are still intact.  Taking salads out of the fridge  an hour before you want to eat them also helps.
  • drink some warm water half an hour before eating. It’s will not only help prepare your enzymes for digesting your meal but warm the body too.

Watch this space for more tips and seasonal recipes coming soon in my new e-book. The e-book is free to newsletter subscribers so take advantage and sign up today.  Maca and four sigma foods medicinal mushroom drinks are available online to buy at


The Myths of Eating Raw

I have been eating a mostly raw diet for the past 6 years and I can say whole-heartedly that it really is a journey of self-discovery.  It is also a journey of learning what your body wants.  When we begin a raw diet, we often feel elated immediately, the results can be that you may very quickly begin to feel ecstatic and happier.  The trickier issue is how we sustain our levels of health long term, finding out what we need individually and sifting through all the information that is out there.

There are two points that I would like to make here:

  1. No one is the same.  We all have different needs, and those needs will change over the years too.  So what may have suited us ten years ago will not be the same now – we need to adjust.  We need to LISTEN TO THE BODY.
  2. Strangely, for someone who makes beautiful raw cakes and chocolates – I also believe that in essence, we need to keep our food SIMPLE.  Its great to try elaborate gourmet raw recipes sometimes and they are very inspiring but essentially its important to keep things simple.  If you are not sure about this, try mono eating for a day.  So just eating one particular thing – bare and unadulterated – the food, not you!  So, try eating bananas at one meal, avocado at another and maybe spinach or other greens – whatever you fancy and really FEEL what the reaction to those foods are in your body.  What does that food do for you?

What fascinates me is the ENERGY OF FOOD.  After all, remember that everything you put into your body will affect your physical body, your emotions, thoughts and spiritual self.  I feel that diet is about being HAPPY with what you are eating, its not about feeling guilty – its about Balance.  However, when I say balance, of course balance is not always maintained, it is something that is the ‘ideal’, something to strive for, just as in the same way, its not good to be too grounded, or too flighty – we need to be centred, balanced, in the heart.  If we have had a diet which is very processed for many years, we need to perhaps retrain and develop a sensitivity towards the body – to be able to begin to really feel what’s happening in the body.  Feeling the energy of food is I believe, what sustains our health and helps us to maintain a raw diet.

Please do listen to the following interview with Elwin Robinson from Lion Heart Herbs.  Its interesting and informative.

The Magic and Alchemical Healing of the Green Beings

The Plant Power Day – Intensive Healing

Was a great success last weekend! The Sun shone mostly and just one little shower that only served to just add a little freshness to the amazing diversity of lovely plants and trees at Janie Garnetts garden in Catcott.
We opened the day by calling in the seven directions around the altar at the centre of the Mongolian Ger.  The Ger is such a warm cosy womb-like space to be and perfect for the journey work we did with our plant spirit allies.  It’s always quite difficult to explain what this kind of workshop day is really like; since essentially it is a personal experience.  The aim is purely for each participant to find the plant spirit ally that is calling to them on that day to work with them and to allow a symbiotic resonance to create a channel of communication between human and plant so that we may become more aligned through the healing insights we receive. 

janie's fairy garden

The whole day is an exercise in being open-hearted.  Working through the heart to feel the energies of the plants and to communicate with them via heart entrainment.  I have always loved nature and first came to plant spirit communication via the work of Pam Montgomery who lives in Vermont, USA.  She came over to do a day’s workshop four years ago and somehow I knew I had to attend.  I drove for four hours to get to the venue and had the most profound experience particularly through experiencing the ‘greenbreath transformational breathing technique’.  This is a journey technique that Pam co-created and it really is very powerful.  During this journey, we breath in the essence of our plant and it is an opportunity to really let go of what no longer serves, what blocks us, to release and to become ONE with nature.  It has been proven that when human beings live bereft of contact with nature that we become ill and misaligned.  We NEED to be grounded – to breath in the green essence of Mother nature – just standing on the earth (not concrete!) bare foot for ten minutes a day will allow us to become more grounded, more aligned, less stressed and truly rooted into who we really are.  We are a natural part of nature – not separate from it – and we owe our life’s breath to the plants – if they were not here to provide oxygen for us to breath we could not live.  
Of course, we get so much more from the plants, by communicating with them – we can feel a symbiotic resonation which offers clear insight, energy and wisdom.  We also get so much nourishment and medicine from the plants when we ingest them – there is so much healing energy to experience and be grateful for.  Although I facilitated the day – I did get the chance to connect to my own plant spirit ally for the day  – copper beach.  Copper beach offered me strength, the message to stand up and be counted, to truly let go of everything that is not my own truth – to strengthen my own personal boundaries but also to push the boundaries and restrictions that I may have created for myself!  There is nothing new about connecting to nature in this way – we have all experienced it – that close affiliation with a favourite plant or tree when we catch ourselves daydreaming amongst nature in the garden or just out walking.  However, during this intensive healing day we used techniques to connect ever deeper with our plant spirit ally, including experiencing a shamanic drum journey and also of course the Greenbreath transformational healing journey too.
We shared and enjoyed a lovely raw food lunch too – raw pizza, hemp burritos and a blackberry chia pudding!

raw pizza

I can only say that I am incredibly grateful to have facilitated the day, to have shared in the wisdom of the plants and to have held sacred space for some beautiful people who came along to participate.  I am planning to do another Plant Power Journey Day as we approach the darkness of Samhain on Sunday 26th October.  Please watch the events page here  for details.  

blackberry chia pudding

Making Shifts – Loving Ourselves

Making Shifts in our Lives 

Learning to love ourselves and to truly come in to the heart of own beauty and ground that into our Whole-being is something of a life-times journey for many.  Loving yourself sounds like such an easy thing to do doesn’t it?  But how often do we find ourselves actually giving up what we want/need for ourselves for others?  This may be a particularly female past time hidden deep within our female conditioning – but in these days of being extremely busy, its so hard sometimes to take the time out and to start GIVING LOVE TO

So much of life comes down to choice, and we are lucky in our western society to be able to afford to make lifestyle and food choices.  But do we really take full advantage of them?  When we have partners and families to look after, its so easy to put others first, sometimes for an easy life with no conflict!  But the conflict manifests sometimes within ourselves, a battle for balance and equilibrium in our busy lives.  Recently, I had a rare weekend of not having to work and for a moment was at a loss as to how I could spend my time – what to do for ME?  Feeling weighted down with recent emotional baggage,  I decided to do a juice cleanse for 3 days – followed by a colonic irrigation session – which quite honestly was long overdue.  A Raw food lifestyle includes regular cleansing in the way of juicing, maybe occasional fasting days, enemas and colonics.  (more on that another time)!  

As Beings of energy and light, we are constantly changing, picking up negativity in our aura from others and situations in our environment.  What we put into our body and how cleansed we are on the inside of ourselves reflects on the outside of us too.  So juice cleansing, fasting and colonics/enemas are a way of clearing out the debris of our lives on all levels of our Being.  Energy moves from the aura inwards towards the body and from the body outwards to the aura.  We are a network of Light – therefore if we are shiny and Light on the inside – we will be shiny and Light on the outside.  smoothie

When we are cleansed and refreshed we emanate vibrations of Light and Love.  We also feel the benefits of having given LOVE to ourselves, to have allowed that time and space for our own healing and cleansing.  Many emotions can come up whilst juice cleansing – during this time its important for us to nurture ourselves and do what we need to for ourselves.  Its also a good idea (in my own experience) to explain to people you live with that you may feel a little emotional or inward and will not be available.  This is creating healthy boundaries which will encourage others around you to have strong boundaries too.  Truly loving ourselves as a spiritual practice may take time to develop but it is this that can help make long lasting Shifts in our lives, our reality and how we view the world around us.  Not loving ourselves can create resentment which then reflects in our outer world – so we become introspective.  Raw food is by its nature a very Expansive Spiritual Practice – so by not loving ourselves we create inner and outer conflict in our own world.  So – my conclusion is to try and do something for yourself that is LOVING to YOU and only YOU every day in some way.  This may be by preparing your favourite raw meal or smoothie or juice or taking time out for inner cleansing, having a healing therapy or taking yourself off for some solitude and meditation.   My advice is DO it!  Make your inner light just a little more Shiny and you will attract more love and Light into your life!

Please leave your comments/experiences below – thankyou.

Raw Talk and Health – Event in Weston Super Mare 12th May

Really looking forward to doing this talk for the Spiritual Coffee Group in Weston Super Mare on 12th May

Talking about raw food is one of my favourite things.  Most people are always curious about the ‘raw food diet’ – some are sceptical but most are open-minded and eager to find out more.

So I am really excited to be doing this talk.  The main theme will be to talk about what eating raw is all about.  The truth and the myths.  As a therapist of 30 years I shall also be talking about being more raw from an energetic point of view – that is, how eating raw really affects your energy not just in a physical sense but on all levels of your being.  Eating raw is holistic – it is spiritual.   The raw path is not necessarily an easy one and I hope to talk a little about this – leaving time for some questions too. 

If you would like to come along, the venue is Crossroads Carers Centre, 1 Graham Rd, Weston Super Mare BS23 1YA  email organiser Amanda Bailey on:

Raw Chocolate Making Demonstration and Tasting Evening


Latest Event – A talk, Tasting and Demonstration of Raw Chocolate Making at The Serenity Centre, Basingstoke – Friday 23rd May 7.30pm 

cacao beans

Is raw chocolate really good for you?  Find out the facts and myths about this prized fruit of the Mayan people.  

Find out how you can make your own raw chocolate simply and easily – take part in the demo and take some home with you!  

This workshop will put you on a high – many people become interested in raw foods via raw chocolate.  In a cacao-nutshell – chocolate is for everyone to en-joy!  Come with notebook and pen for taking notes but recipes will be given.  Cost £20.  To reserve your place – email