Raw Cakes and Chocolates


Bespoke Raw Cakes, Truffles and Chocolates all vegan and gluten free – hand made and delivered to you postage free in the UK.

Announcing the new Cakelets – a 10cm cake, perfect for Mothers Day and Easter or at any time really!  Available as Zesty lemon, Wow Choccie Cake, One Love Cake, Summer Love and Do you give a Fig.

Raw Chocolate Truffles



These delicious beautifully packaged truffles come in boxes of 12.

144g per box. – The Perfect Gift 

There are three delicious flavours to choose from:  

Cherry and Almond

Rum and Hazelnut

Cinnamon, Orange and Cranberry 

The truffles will keep for two months in the fridge and contain raw cacao, coconut oil, almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sour cherries, cranberries, lucuma, cinnamon, raw natural flavouring, coconut sugar.  




These luscious raw cakes are full of goodness and packed with superfoods to give you a kick and help you feel fabulous!  Everyone loves to celebrate with a cake and below are my cakes which have been inspired through the year and by seasonal energies.  Most cakes contain nuts – however I am happy to create a nut-free cake for you, if you wish.  All cakes contain sweeteners via dried fruit, stevia, coconut nectar or agave. Cakes are honey free, making them low GI, vegan and gluten free

Size Matters!

Cakes come in three heart-shaped sizes (except Rose Cake) –  10cm cakelet for one or two hungry people!  15 cm heart shaped version to happily feed 8 people and a 20 cm diameter which will give 16 servings. 
Prices include costs for next day delivery in the UK.  
I’m happy to create a truly bespoke cake or chocolate order please Contact Me.


whole lemon cakefig cake





The fabulous five layered Rose Cake – a culmination of a year of cake making – love, bliss and gratitude.  The ultimate celebration cake.  Layers of coconut, almond, rose essence, strawberry, crunchiness, cacao, goji berries, purple corn and topped with rose petals and three lovely raw chocolates.  

Rose Cake

Do you give a fig cake?  – inspired by Yuletide flavours of orange, cinnamon and figs – the alternative christmas cake.  The cake is moist with a rich cacao topping.  Contains raw cacao, figs, orange, almonds, buckwheat.


Wow! Choccie cake.   Reminiscent of squidgy black forest gateau – perfect for a celebration.  Contains raw cacao, prunes, hemp seeds, almonds. 

Wow Choccie Cake


One Love Cake – A cake that’s full of sparkle and love with a delicious coconut topping and goji/strawberry jam filling – simply divine! Contains buckwheat and coconut, dried strawberry and goji berries.

One Love Cake sizes


Zesty Lemon Cake – A cake inspired by the Springtime.  Ideal for Mother’s Day and Easter/Spring Equinox Celebrations.  With the cleansing detoxing energy of lemons this is a non chocolate cake is topped off with incan berries.  This is a very popular cake, moist and lemony.  Contains almonds.

Zesty Lemon Cake sizes


Summer Love Cake, inspired by the gorgeous lazy days of summertime – very chocolatey and with a gooey crunchy strawberry middle.  Decorated with hemp seeds and two raw chocolates.  Contains raw cacao, hemp, almonds, buckwheat and strawberry powder.


Summer Love Cake sizes


Cerridwen’s apple cupcakes – containing apple, raisins, butternut squash, maca and shatavari to help you feel warm and cosy as the days get shorter and darker.  


Cerridwen’s Apple Cakes

A 100g slab of chocolate indulgence!!   


contains: cacao liquor, cacao butter, carob, purple corn extract, cacao nibs, coconut nectar.  Truly the perfect gift for the one you love – especially yourself!  £12 delivered to you in the UK.


Luscious Raw Chocolates  – The perfect gift

All chocolates are tempered which gives the chocolate a smooth texture for that melt in the mouth quality.  The cacao used is raw organic criolla variety from Peru.  This variety is ancient and not hybridised, just full of natural cacao power!

choc box1

Selection boxes contain 6 lovely chocolates:  a selection of peppermint, almond and rum (rum flavour by medicine flower), lush cherry, pachamama (chilli) and lavender. £12 delivered in the UK.
OR create your own combination.


choc box
Here are the choccies:  
Peppermint contains: cacao liquor, cacao butter, carob, lucuma, coconut nectar, ashwaganda, peppermint essential oil.
Lush Cherry:  organic sour cherries, cacao liquor, cacao butter, carob, lucuma, coconut nectar, cherry flavour by medicine flower, vanilla powder, brazilian ginseng.
Passion:  cacao licquor, cacao butter, coconut nectar, carob, goji berries, cashew nuts, strawberry powder, mucuna, brazilian ginseng.


pachamama the Hot One
Pachamama – The Hot One! cacao butter, cacao licquor, carob, maca, sea salt, chilli, coconut nectar, mucuna and purple corn extract.  – Not for the faint hearted!!  – 
Rum and Almond – cacao butter, cacao liquor, lucuma, carob, almonds, ashwaganda, rum flavouring by medicine flower.
Lavender – a white chocolate containing: cacao butter, lucuma, vanilla, coconut nectar, lavender essential oil and organic lavender flowers.  – One to relax with!