The Raw Spiritual Journey


love flower mandalaThere is no doubt that eating a raw diet is a spiritual journey.  It is a journey of self discovery.  As we begin to let go, to detox our body and mind from the conditioning of fear that has been part of our cellular ancestral makeup for many hundreds of years, we begin to walk a pathway that is truly LIGHT-filled.

The detoxing of our minds and bodies is something that can be very painful to many of us as we journey our Earth walk.  We find comfort in the foods and diets that we may have been brought up to believe were ‘good for us’.  The letting go of certain foods and food habits is quite an emotional process.!  The body craves fat, salt and sugar.  This is why Macdonalds and other fast food chains make sure that their foods contain a good portion of each of these – so that we want to come back to eating this kind of unnatural food over and over as we experience the cravings.  In fact, the raw food diet is as much about what we don’t eat as it is about what we do eat.

It is the consumption of processed foods that keep us enslaved and held down by the confines of fear and prevent us from stepping into the true ‘light’ of our own divine selves.  We are perfect beings of light.  Everything we need to keep us healthy has been provided for here on our sacred Earth.  Many of us are now far more aware of the advantages of eating local, organic, seasonal foods and steering away from GMO and foods grown by unethical, chemical processes.  After all, when we are eating, we are taking in ‘energy’.  Energy is not just important from a perspective of nutrition to nourish the physical body – for when we eat – we nourish the wholebeing – and we feed our emotional, mental and spirit bodies also.  Thinking in terms of energy, compare the energetic quality of eating a slice of swiss roll which is full of fat, sugar and air to eating a beautiful green salad of local ingredients – which is going to be more wholistically nourishing.

So when we nourish our bodies, we bring light into our cells.  This light literally elevates our state of well-being and the perception of the world around us.  Our own personal resonance increases.  Of course, this can sometimes be quite painful as we observe, from this perspective all the pain and suffering of others around us – and we can feel saddened by the struggles of humanity, particularly when we can see that it doesn’t need to be that way.  In my experience,  this process of elevation happens time and time again on a raw diet and each time our vibration increases and a shift is made.  All we can do is to be grounded and centred in our own Truth – to continue the path of Light and Be our truth.  This means emanating to others around us how we wish to live and practising what we preach.  We are literally what we eat.!

At this point there is so much more that I could write.  The raw pathway is a spiritual one as we open up further and further to our own Truth and Wisdom.  No one can dictate to us how we are to practice our spirituality – these are the old restrictions and poisons of organised religions.  As far as I can personally see, the closest ancient teachings to my own Truth are the teachings of the Essenes.  However, it is for us all to find our own sense of inner divinity and the raw path certainly assists that.  I hope that you will feel encouraged to post some comments below about your own raw spiritual journey.  With love and blessings, Namaste – Gwyneth <3

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