Raw Talk and Health – Event in Weston Super Mare 12th May

Really looking forward to doing this talk for the Spiritual Coffee Group in Weston Super Mare on 12th May

Talking about raw food is one of my favourite things.  Most people are always curious about the ‘raw food diet’ – some are sceptical but most are open-minded and eager to find out more.

So I am really excited to be doing this talk.  The main theme will be to talk about what eating raw is all about.  The truth and the myths.  As a therapist of 30 years I shall also be talking about being more raw from an energetic point of view – that is, how eating raw really affects your energy not just in a physical sense but on all levels of your being.  Eating raw is holistic – it is spiritual.   The raw path is not necessarily an easy one and I hope to talk a little about this – leaving time for some questions too. 

If you would like to come along, the venue is Crossroads Carers Centre, 1 Graham Rd, Weston Super Mare BS23 1YA  email organiser Amanda Bailey on: firehorseamanda@yahoo.com

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