Sacred Nourishment 4 U

There are times when something is so obvious that you simply can’t see it.

That’s how I can describe creating my new subscription package – Sacred Nourishment.

For so long I’ve kept my two sacred pathways separate until after chatting to a very inspirational friend I came up with the idea of combining crystals, meditation and raw chocolate treats and cakes.

OK.  The association may not be obvious at first.  Let me explain – it’s all about the energy.  Just before you yawn and fear that I’m about to go off on a ‘hippy’ rant – energy is something we live on and share – it’s all around us in many forms – we are energy.

On the surface, I could describe Sacred Nourishment as an indulgence of raw chocolate plus collecting and learning about pretty stones and relaxing to some meditations.  And Yes, its all of these things but so much more.  

On a deeper level, the energies of raw cacao and crystals are very healing – moving and shifting our personal energy.  As most of you know, raw cacao has been used ceremonially by South and Central American tribes for hundreds of years.  These people have long known about and appreciated the magic of raw cacao and its effects on the human energy physically and spiritually.  Raw cacao contains high levels of magnesium which is essential for good muscle performance.  It’s good for the heart muscle especially and all our ligaments and tendons too.  Magnesium relieves us from stress and helps us to relax.  On a subtle energy level – raw cacao opens our heart chakra, softening our inhibitions, letting go of those hard edges and allowing a sense of JOY and BLISS to flow in.  And yes, lots of people say that raw cacao gives them a sense of feeling ‘high’.  Why not?  It’s a natural stimulant that also by the way is hard to really abuse because raw cacao also contains natural appetite inhibitors which means that unlike a bar of Cadburys – we do not want or need to sit and scoff loads of it down to feel satisfied.  In fact raw cacao is great for satiating the appetite whilst providing the joy and minerals we need.  Did you know that the reason women crave chocolate during PMT is because of the mood- lifting qualities of chocolate but also because we lose magnesium during our bleeding and our body is telling us that we need cacao for our physical nourishment. 

In my subscription package I want you to embrace and enjoy cacao to the full.  I’m giving you each month one of my most popular flavours plus some new ones too.

So, what about the crystals?  Maybe some of you don’t know much about crystal energies.  Having been a crystal healer and teacher for many years I often find that people don’t realise just how subtle but profound crystal energies are until they begin to connect with them properly.  So, I’m throwing in a ‘crystal of the month’ which will resonate with the time of the year, the season and therefore helping you to align your energies to the Earth and the seasons.  The crystal and meditation are designed to help you get into your personal FLOW and STAY THERE.  

It’s all too easy for us to get knocked off balance from the bombardment of modern stressful living.  We are just simply not designed as humans to be living the way that many of us do – so Sacred Nourishment is about giving you back more of what you really need – nourishment for the body, the heart and the soul.

Sacred Nourishment is my Service to you – as well as chocolate, crystals and meditations – I’ll be offering you freebies and discounts on all my raw and spiritual stuff.  My heart is open to give to you – are you ready to receive my gift of LOVE?

Get more on my sub here <3