Sweet Charity and Deep Velvet

We were wondering what kind of offer we could make for yuletide and giving something to charity.

So what came up was this amazingly lovely 100g heart shaped raw chocolate which we call Deep Velvet.  It is full of dark chocolate enhanced and topped with cacao nibs and purple corn extract.  The raw cacao will give you a real lift and open the kindness and love in your heart whilst the purple corn extract helps you connect to your ancient self, stimulating your inner senses making this a deeply sensuous chocolate.

purple velvet

Raw4change is about change and giving to charity.  At the recent Frost Fayre in Glastonbury we raised a bit of cash but want to increase that to a lot more.  We want to give more money to the Disasters Emergencies Committee which is helping the Ebola crisis. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but then disease never is.  I know that some people may think that the media has hyped up all the information on ebola.  Some may feel also that it does not really pose any threat.  But I believe that yes, it is probably, like most issues manipulated by the powers that be.  I also believe that it is hugely unethical that this horrible disease has come to the forefront of our attention mainly because some ‘westerners’ have contracted the disease and it poses a threat to our borders.  Are Africans of lesser importance?  This disease has been a problem for many years and I think that the experts out there helping to try and contain this disaster need some help.  
Here’s the bottom line.  We were going to make Deep Velvet the charity chocolate but now we have decided to give 15% of what you pay on any purchase from Raw4change to DEC.  This is for a limited time – until January 15th 2015.
So get cracking!  Deep Velvet is a great stocking gift for your loved one – and help the ebola fund too – in fact choose any cake or bags/boxes of chocolates and we shall give 15%.  

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