Woo hoo!!! for He Shou Wu

The amazing wonders of He shou wu or Fo-tiPolygonum-He-Shou-Wu-July19-10-006

I really love the amazing energies of tonic herbs, superfoods, adaptogens and I am always completely blown away by how our body will work on a deep intuitive level to guide us towards the food medicine we need.
I recently moved house and to be honest it was a complete nightmare.  Funny how you forget how stressful, time consuming and energy draining moving home can be on just so many levels! Things went well, we were only moving 10 miles away – we did the move ourselves with the help of some very good friends.  However, its all the little things that can cause stress and tension – like having to take the kitchen door off to fit the big fridge freezer in etc, plus realising that you really should have had a good clear out ages ago when you find that the garage is now stuffed full of things that you can’t fit into the house!

To be honest, the whole entire process had my adrenals on red alert for at least two weeks – and yes, you know you get used to the extreme levels of adrenalin flowing through your body, I even indulged in coffee to give me an extra boost!  Raw chocolate kept us going too of course.  However, you know a couple of weeks later, feeling a bit low, generally fatigued was the order of the day.  Until I noticed that jar of he shou wu that I had taken regularly every day in my smoothies until six months ago and had put to one side.  Ah yes!  That’s the thing!  And so for the last two weeks I have been putting up to a teaspoon in my morning smoothie together with maca root for general strengthening  – and I now feel AMAZING!  That low, flat feeling has completely lifted and despite still having to settle in to the new home and deal with a few unexpected problems as well as teaching Crystal Healing every weekend – I have lots more joie de vivre!  Its great in powder form added to smoothies or experienced as part of a powerful herbal tea called  Eternitea by Rawliving

So how amazing is this wonderful chinese tonic herb!?  He shou wu is known to improve your kidney yin and kidney essence.  It is said to actually slow down the greying of hair,some people have found that when taken for a prolonged time, their hair actually changes colour,   improves your libido (yes!) , moistens the intestines and improve bowel function.  The main thing is here that  the kidney meridian is responsible for our essential ‘jing’ which is our adaptive energy.  Its the energy that we call upon during periods of physical, mental and emotional stress.  When we have strong ‘jing’ we find it easier to ‘adapt’ to the stresses of moving home far more easily than when, like me, you are 50!  Its great when we hear what our body is saying to us.  There are so many wonderful plant medicines out there – we just need to tune in and listen.  Fantastic!!!

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