Zesty Lemon Cake – A Springtime Treat

lemon cake close up


According to Taoist Medicine Springtime is the time of year when liver energy rules.

The colour for liver and springtime is green – not surprising then.  As we see all the new shoots coming up from the Earth and new leaves beginning to grow on the trees – green is the colour.  The taste according to Taoist medicine that goes with Springtime is sour.  Hence Raw4change has creted for you this wonderful zesty Lemon Cake.  whole lemon cake

This cake will wake up your senses and inspire you to spring into action! There is of course some sweetness in this lovely lemon cake, but it is not overly sweet – just enough sour and zest to get your creative juices flowing.

It may even inspire you to do some spring cleaning – but I reckon you would need a whole cake to do that!

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